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Welcome to our More Than 4 Legs quiz. We hope you enjoy taking part and please share your experience on social media when you've completed it.

  • What can all 40,000 species of spider do?

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  • On a centipede, how many legs does each body section have?

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  • How many silkworms are needed to produce a pound of silk?

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  • Flies can also taste food with what other body part?

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  • How many legs does a spider have?

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  • What part of the anatomy does a water boatman breath through?

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  • How long have insects been on the earth?

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  • Which insect devours their partner after mating?

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  • What can an abundance of dragonflies over water signify?

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  • How many times its body weight can an ant lift?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

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