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  • Who rode a horse naked through Coventry in defiance of oppressive taxes her husband had ordered?

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  • In what century did Dick Turpin, the notorious highwayman and general bad guy, live?

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  • Who allegedly continued to play bowls on Plymouth Hoe as the Spanish Armarda approached?

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  • Who shot to stardom as a streaker at a Twickenham ruby match between England and Australia in 1982?

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  • Where did legendary Robin Hood live?

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  • Who, during a famine in France, is credited with saying, 'Let them eat cake'?

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  • Who is thought to have died from an arrow in the eye during the Battle of Hastings 1066?

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  • Which queen wore only black for 40 years following the death of her husband?

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  • Which King had an incredible stutter?

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  • Who was known as 'The Iron Lady'?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

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