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Your Ancient Civilisations Quiz

Welcome to our Ancient Civilisations quiz. We hope you enjoy taking part and please share your experience on social media when you've completed it.

  • Which ancient society lived in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras?

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  • Which ancient society gave us the Olympic Games?

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  • Which animal was the most revered in Ancient Egypt?

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  • Which ancient civilisation is the oldest?

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  • Which culture believed having crossed eyes like their sun god Kinich Ahau was lucky?

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  • Which culture was it fashionable to have a unibrow (which was often put on with make up)?

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  • Which culture used a thousand cuts (Ling Chi) as a form of execution?

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  • Which culture was the first to use hieroglyphics to write?

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  • When the Egyptians mummified a body, which organ was always left in place?

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  • Apart from the Egyptians, which other culture built pyramids?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

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