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Welcome to our Acronyms quiz. We hope you enjoy taking part and please share your experience on social media when you've completed it.

  • You use a PIN number for your credit card. What does PIN stand for?

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  • RADAR is an acronym of what?

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  • What does the S stand for in SCUBA?

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  • What does LED stand for?

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  • What is Thomas A Swift's Electrical Rifle commonly known as?

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  • What does the WD in WD40 stand for?

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  • What does the A stand for in the acronym LASER?

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  • A 'gif' is a picture file but what does it stand for?

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  • Often seen on the bottom of credit card statements, what does APR stand for?

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  • What is the full name of a DVD?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

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