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Welcome to our Absurdly Obvious quiz. We hope you enjoy taking part and please share your experience on social media when you've completed it.

  • When you were 6, your sister was half your age. How old is your sister now you are 50?

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  • Ching's mother had five children: Wing, Wang, Wo, Way.... What was the name of her fifth child?

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  • If 134=7, 245=13, 356=21, what does 467= ?

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  • There were forty cows in the field. You bought eight of them. How many do you have now?

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  • A bus sets off with 30 passengers. 2 people get off at each of the next 4 stops. How many people are still on the bus?

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  • If the only sister of your mother's only brother has an only child, what is that child to you?

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  • If 33?45=78 and 43?56=99 and 53?67=1110. What does 63?78= ?

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  • If a bus crashes on the American/Mexico border and half the occupants die, where would the survivors be buried?

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  • If Mercury=7, Venus=7, Earth=3, Mars=1, what does Jupiter=?

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  • If Jane's daughter is my daughter's mother, then what is my relationship to Jane?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

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